Cas13d guide design

Welcome to our Cas13d guide design website!

Here, we have predicted Cas13d guide efficiency for all human and mouse RefSeq genes.

We have also enabled custom sequence input for Cas13d guide design.

Quick start:

  • For precomputed human gene Cas13d guide efficiency, please click the


  • For precomputed mouse gene Cas13d guide efficiency, please click the


  • For custom sequence input, please click the

    Custom sequence input


We're working to predict Cas13d guide efficiency for other organisms! Stay tuned!

Read our pre-print here:

Deep learning of Cas13 guide activity from high-throughput gene essentiality screening

Jingyi Wei, Peter Lotfy , Kian Faizi, Hugo Kitano, Patrick D. Hsu*, Silvana Konermann*